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José Escrich

Software Architect
Senior Software Developer
Cloud Engineer
AI expert
Ethical AI advocate

Independent Contractor

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About me

With over 25 years of experience, I have excelled as a Software Architect, Software Delivery Expert, Cloud Architect, and Developer Lead, contributing my expertise to a diverse range of business applications. In 2008, I founded Acuaras Technologies to offer specialized Software Factory services to government, financial institutions, and various software-related industries, with a focus on cutting-edge technologies for Enterprise Applications.

My journey began as a coder in 1994, and by 2000, I had advanced to the role of CTO in a significant startup. Following that, in 2001, I assumed the position of Senior Software Developer Lead in a finance-focused software company. During the mid-2004, I had the opportunity to participate in a wide array of projects for Microsoft within the Patterns & Practices Group. Later, in 2010, I became a vendor for Microsoft, actively contributing to projects involving Microsoft CRM, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure, demonstrating my ability to handle multiple responsibilities effectively.

I am immensely proud of my enthusiasm and agility as a coder, and I prioritize hands-on tasks over paperwork. Currently, I actively work as a developer while also taking on the role of a Software Architect because I believe it's crucial to stay connected to the practical aspects of what we design. My daily motivation stems from a strong drive to make things happen, and I wholeheartedly embrace an active and results-oriented approach to my work.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find great pleasure in engaging in outdoor activities, including skiing, motorcycle riding, and exploring all kinds of mountain-related experiences.

For more information about me, you can visit my website at

As an AI expert, I've also gained extensive experience in AI model training and Conversational AI. I'm passionate about leveraging AI to enhance business applications and create innovative solutions. Balancing my technical skills with a deep understanding of AI, I'm eager to drive advancements in this exciting field. Connect with me to explore opportunities at the intersection of AI, software architecture, and cutting-edge technologies.

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experience and high proficiency on

C#, Java, C++, Javascript, Typescript, Objetive-C, GO, Kotlin and Python
Node.js, React-Native, Flutter, React and Angular
Design patterns, Cloud Architecture, Web Development
• SQL Server / Oracle / MongoDB / CosmosDB / MySql
• DevOps, Docker, SSO / Oauth 2.0 / JWT / SAML 2.0
• Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Struts, Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka
Fuse, Camel, WSO2 and Mule 3 and 4, CloudHub

Apache Spark • Unit Testing / TDD / Integration Testing / Selenium / MOQ / Mockito
Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Sentry.IO, Sensu,Terraforms, Kubernetes and ArgoCD

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real people, real projects, just facts - thanks :)


Mario Alberto Guerrero Mendoza
Chief Marketing Officer & CEO at Megapractical SA de CV

José Escrish es uno de los Profesionales mejor calificado en materia de desarrollo de SW, ha logrado consolidar un gran equipo de desarrollo que soporta las operaciones de su empresa. Sus sercicios son de la mejor calidad del mercado.

some clients and projects

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some of...

Senior Software Architect / Technical Lead

Clear Me
Senior Software Architect / Devops Specialist

JM Family
Enterprise Mule Architect

VF Corp
Senior Software Developer / Devops Specialist

Microsoft - Patterns & Practices

Azure Architecture Center
Guidance for architecting solutions on Azure using established patterns and practices.
Redmond, WA

Fundación Resiliencia - Acuaras Health Products
ene. de 2019 - present

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Honorable Senado de la Nación Argentina
Mayo 2020
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Acuaras Health

2019 - present
Bariloche, Argentina


Seatle, WA

Honorable Senado de la Nación Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Volkswagen Argentina

Buenos Aires

Grupo - Banco Finterra México
ene. de 2015 – present



Microsoft Dynamics - Office 365
ene. de 2012 – jun. de 2019

Redmond, WA


Microsoft Online Services
ene. de 2010 – may. de 2019

Redmond, WA


Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Corporate Intranet
ene. de 2008 – ene. de 2015

Buenos Aires

Banco BX+ - Enterprise Banking
ene. de 2007 – ene. de 2013

México DF


Banco Walmart México - Enterpise Banking
ene. de 2011 – ene. de 2013

México DF

NIC.AR - Consultoría - Code Review - Aseguramiento de la Calidad
ene. de 2012 – jun. de 2012

Buenos Aires

Banco Macro Argentina - Corporate Intranet
ene. de 2008 – ene. de 2012

Buenos Aires

Compartamos Banco México - Integration Services
ene. de 2011 – ene. de 2012

México, DF

Hipotecaria Su Casita - México - Enterprise Banking Integrations
ene. de 2007 – ene. de 2010

México, DF

Microsoft - Patterns & Practices
ene. de 2005 – ene. de 2008

Redmond, WS

Banco Multiva - Enterprise Home Banking
ene. de 2003 – ene. de 2005

México, DF

CORPBanca Chile - Enterprise Banking Applications
ene. de 2003 – ene. de 2005


Banco Nacional de Bolivia - B2C Personal Banking
ene. de 2002 – ene. de 2003

Bolivia, La Paz

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